What If You Could Go To Bed Feeling Good Enough Tonight?

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Does This Sound Familiar?

It’s 11pm. You are exhausted but you don’t want to sleep. You close your eyes and see how you screwed up AGAIN.

You didn’t hit your macros and you were too sore to go to the gym. You think, “Ugh my thighs are huge!”

You sent the wrong email and missed a deadline, totally pissing off your boss. “They must think I am a total effing idiot”.

“Just move on and get over it. He just isn’t that into you” you think as you check your text messages one last time. You fear no one will ever love you as you realize they didn’t reply back to you.

“Ugh! Why can’t I just be good enough?”

“Why can’t I be confident, successful, and powerful like my friend?”

After agonizing over all your body flaws, all the mistakes you made, worrying if you will ever be happy at work, and wondering why you are the only single friend you decide that tomorrow morning you will be more dedicated. You dedicate to follow your diet and your workout 100%.

How many more nights do you have to go to bed feeling like this?

After working with hundreds of women that fight:
– To feel good enough
– to be accepted and appreciated
– to have it all together

I’ve discovered six mental trash-talks that are keeping you from feeling like the confident and badass chick you wish you were.

What if you could:
– Go from feeling “not good enough” to feeling accomplished at the end of the day?
– follow through with your goals, while also staying present and focused so you can enjoy who you are today?
– Master emotional upset like a boss so your emotions no longer ruin your day?

You see, you are a badass, you just aren’t able to see how badass you are because of some mental junk in your way. You can get rid of the trash and feel balanced and badass.

It is possible. I will show you how.


I’m Stephanie Waitt, Eating Disorder therapist, Body Image, Self-Esteem, and Recovery Coach. 

For years I hated my body and I went to a lot of extremes to try to change it. Not matter what I tried I still felt not good enough. It wasn’t until I cleared the mental junk that I was able to get out of my own way.

Now I help women get out of their own way to realize how badass and balanced they can be.

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What If You Could Change Your Life Without Actually Changing Your Body?

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