Couples Counseling

The main goal of relationship counseling is for each partner to gain insight into the motivations behind their actions, as well as discover the motivation behind the actions of their partner. As these motivations are revealed, each partner in the relationship develops a sense of perspective, deeper compassion and even a sense of humor around the dynamics of the relationship.

Traditional, LGBTQ, Polyamory, Kink

This is true of all types of relationships, and I’m passionate about my work with all types of relationships. At Texoma Specialty Counseling, we have a unique resource in Katy Alaniz. She’s expert in both traditional and non-traditional relationship counseling. Katy enjoys working with heteronormative, monogamous couples. She also has deep experience working with LGBTQ couples, the kink community and polyamorous individuals. She is helpful guide for individuals, couples, triads and others in supporting them on their path toward ethical non-monogamy, and toward better communication, self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Just Checking In…

Even if you feel you are presently content in your relationship(s), it’s often a good idea to explore relationship counseling, even as a check-in. People change, lifestyle choices change and environments change. Having an adept therapist walking with you on your path can help mitigate problems before they arise, or help to put out fires that already exist.

Polyamory Kink Queer

What To Expect

Katy’s therapeutic style is welcoming and compassionate, but that’s not to be mistaken for quiet or easy. There will be a lot of tough love, tears and laughter in your work with her. Therapy is an investment in yourself, your relationship(s) and your partner(s), and is most effective with dedication and a commitment to self-improvement for everyone involved.

Katy takes pride in committing to guiding you on your journey, both individually and within the context of your partnership(s) and relationship(s).

Feel free to reach out anytime for support, whether your in conflict or just checking in.