Online Counseling TexasThe current COVID-19 and coronavirus crisis has changed the way mental health services are delivered. At Texoma Specialty Counseling, we want to support everyone during this challenging time, and we’re offering telehealth and online counseling services for that reason. We believe strongly this is a time for you to take care of yourself.

  • Is being stuck at home causing you to struggle with motivation and purpose?
  • Are you struggling with feeling isolated?
  • You are trapped in your house and all you do is think about food?
  • You found the scale again and suddenly that number feels way too important to your daily vibe?
  • With all the down time you notice how your body is starting to change and this does NOT feel OK?
  • Is your lack of privacy becoming overwhelming?
  • Are you feeling uncertain and anxious about the future?
  • As a student, have you lost your tether to your social life, structure and sense of purpose?
  • Are you struggling with insomnia, broken sleep patterns or bad dreams?
  • Are your days are blending together, leaving you feeling confused and depressed?

There are ways online counseling can help you deal with the challenges you may be facing, right now. Online counseling and telehealth are effective alternatives, allowing you to access expert professional care with a seasoned therapist.

Your life has been interrupted, and a lot of things feel like they’re beyond your control.

  • The global pandemic and fear of illness
  • Relationship challenges
  • Civil unrest
  • Fear of weight gain
  • Social disruption and change
  • The ongoing prospect of an uncertain future
  • Potential added trauma and possible grief you’re confronting
  • Loss of your structure, safe foods and change in your routine

Online Counseling TexasThe one thing that is in your control is your mental health and well-being, which is where the counselors at Texoma Specialty Counseling come in.

In a day with no routine, self-care can be the key to helping you hold things together. We can help you manage your anxiety and confront the many uncertainties we are all struggling with. Our online counseling sessions are here to help guide you in navigating your days with a sense of stability and balance, reducing your stress, and increasing your motivation.

Together, we can find ways for you to pause and step out of your ongoing stress—wherever it’s coming from—so you can take a breath and get grounded, despite your ongoing challenges. We also recognize privacy can be an issue at home, so some options are sitting in your car or taking a walk!

Wherever you are in Texas, we’re here to help. Feel free to reach out and contact us.