No matter how hard you try you cannot relax. You feel your heart beat fast and your have a hard time concentrating because your head aches. You feel frustrated and because people tell you, “you are overreacting” or “just relax and calm down”, but you cannot relax.

You feel fat and ugly. Your body feels uncomfortable. You find yourself obsessing about how your body feels while you are sitting or lying down. Because you feel this way you tell yourself if you only worked harder in the gym you would have the body you want.

Sure you will lose weight. You feel great. You are excited. Your friends and family ask what you did to lose weight making you feel proud. Then life happens and you get stressed, worried, overwhelmed, and something bad happens.

Something terrible happened to you and you are angry. But you feel ashamed and confused why it happened. You wonder what you did to deserve this. You have tried to forget and move on with your life, but the memories and the nightmares will not stop.

You know you have things to feel proud of, but you just can’t stop thinking about all the ways you are not good enough.


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