How much does therapy cost at Texoma Specialty Counseling? Please see the rates below. We are in network with limited insurance companies. If we are not in network with your insurance provider you can use your out of network benefits. Please consult your insurance benefits prior to beginning counseling. Costs for services are the following:

Initial intake session: $80 – $175

Individual session: $80 – $150

Couples session: $100 – $175

Family therapy session: $100 – $175

Skype session: $100 – $150

Group Therapy: $35 – $55

Don’t let these fees freak you out and keep you from getting the help you deserve. If you are thinking this fee may too high, read here.

I tell you why these fees are fair. For more click here.

I talk more about accepting and using your insurance here.

If you think you cannot afford counseling, click here.