1. I can’t recommend someone more highly!

    Dr. Stephanie Waitt is a wonderful person and therapist who is highly skilled when it comes to helping people find freedom from eating disorders and body hatred. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and helps to create a trusting/non-judgmental atmosphere. If you or someone you love is looking for treatment for an eating disorder, I can’t recommend someone more highly! Thank you so very much Ste…Read More

    Jennifer Rollin, Eating Disorder Specialist, Rockville, Maryland
  2. I will definitely recommend to my teen clients

    Stephanie Waitt's new book for teens on self-esteem is such a wonderful resource! It's the kind of book that I wish I had access to growing up, and it's one that I will definitely recommend to my teen clients. This is a must-read for teens who are struggling with their self-worth, their parents, and allied helping professionals!  …Read More

    Jennifer R
  3. I truly enjoy our sessions

    I truly enjoy our sessions. I never ever had a therapist that I actually liked seeing or was very completely honest with about everything. And I think that’s the difference this time around. I feel like I found the right therapist now and I really appreciate and think you are amazing at your job and want to say thank you for taking me on and not giving up.…Read More

    Anonymous Client