A majority of people think that they are overweight, out of shape, or physically appealing. Just because you might feel that way does not mean that you have to stay feeling that way. If you want to take action and stare into the eyes of your body image demons and swear them off, there are a couple steps you could take.

When most people hear the words “body image issues” and “recovery” in the same sentence they tend to think of therapy or intensive counseling due to the stigma that currently surrounds people with body image issues and low self-esteem. While yes, some people respond more positively to face-to-face interactions, others don’t. Some people feel more comfortable taking on their demons by themselves — and there is nothing wrong with that — especially if they have the proper resources.

If you have an issue with your own body image, have tried dieting, and simply can’t take it anymore, it is valuable for you to explore resources like online therapy and e-courses. Here at Texoma Specialty Counseling, PLLC, we offer online resources like online counseling, and our Balanced badass Bundle E-Course.

What Is The Balanced Badass Bundle E-Course?

Well first off, it is free — that’s what it is. Second, and arguably, more importantly, it is a helpful resource for people that are suffering for body image issues and low self-esteem. Created by Licensed Professional Counselor Dr. Stephanie Waitt, this valuable e-therapy course teaches you the five fundamental roadblocks that are standing between you, your happiness, and your realizations of self-worth.  

How Do You Know If This Course Is For You?

It can be incredibly hard to admit to yourself that you need help, even if it is just a free course because nobody wants to believe that they can’t do something themselves. Because of this, it is extremely important to make sure that you recognize that you need help sooner than later because less time being unhappy means more time being happy!

If an e-course is right for you, you might feel like:

  • You understand that you need to begin thinking positively but just don’t know how to take that first step.
  • You spend more time hating your body than you do feeling good about yourself.
  • You constantly think about how much better your life would be if you aren’t overweight.
  • Dieting and working out is not working as fast as you had hoped and has left you feeling frustrated and discouraged.

Get Started Today

If you feel that you can relate to any of the above feelings, we urge you to sign up for the free Balanced Badass Bundle E-Course on our website. In addition to receiving an email with the course, you will also receive two email tips from Dr. Steph.

It is time for you start feeling better about yourself and your body. If you have any questions about the Balanced Badass Bundle E-Course, we urge you to contact us here at Texoma Specialty Therapy. If you live in the Lubbock area and wish to come in for an in-person counseling session, be sure to schedule an appointment

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