You may feel a lot of emotions around food: some positive, some negative.  It is normal to have emotions around food.  People are emotional beings, and the mind is connected intimately to the body.  You can meet negative emotions with kindness when you encounter them.  Sometimes this takes a lot of work; that is okay.  Life, and one’s relationship with food, is a journey.

Perhaps you have an eating disorder.  This causes many physical and mental barriers to being properly nourished.  It is important to explore and analyze these barriers, and to decide how to nourish one’s mind and body moving forward.  Approaching dietetics with the principles of intuitive eating helps to heal one’s relationship with food and utilize gentle nutrition and movement.  Understanding one emotion at a time aids healing.  Eating one spoonful at a time aids healing.  Feed the healing.

Perhaps you are done with the fad diet hamster wheel.  Feelings of stress, anger, and guilt are common regarding food.  Just because these attitudes are common does not make them normal.  Diet culture tells people that they are too much or too little.  “Be skinny”. “Lose x pounds, that will make you healthy and happy”.  “Have more curves, but not too much”. “Everything in life will fall into place if you never eat x food again”.  These are lies perpetuated by diet culture and fed to us from a very early age.  Intuitive eating diametrically opposes these attitudes.  The intention is to find freedom around food.  Intend to do better for your future self; intend to self-care.  Work towards nourishing yourself, and challenging those negative attitudes around food. You deserve it. Texoma Specialty Counseling is here to help you along this journey.

Jessica Fellinger RD, LD is a Texan dietitian who specializes in eating disorders, eating attitudes and nutrition.  She utilizes the ideals of intuitive eating to help people heal their relationships with food and nourish their bodies.  If you would like to book a session, please call Texoma Specialty Counseling or email today.