Love Your Body, Love Your Life

You spend a lot of time, effort, money, and energy trying to change your body but you feel “not good enough”, unhappy, and frustrated with your body and yourself.


Apply Today And Join Me For A Life Changing 6 Week Journey To Love Your Body And Love Your Life!

It is TOTALLY Possible To Learn To Love Your Body AND Love Your Life

You Want To Feel Better About Yourself And Your Body But No Matter What You Do, You Still Feel “Not Good Enough”…

  • You are tired of dieting.
  • You feel like a failure.
  • You feel uncomfortable in your body.
  • You harshly criticize and judge yourself, Every Single Day.
  • You look in the mirror, don’t like what you see, and have a really bad day where nothing goes your way.
  • You believe that if you could just change your body you would feel happier and more content in your life.

You are caught in the cycle of dieting and obsessing about your body. We have a lot of messages out there telling us if we have the “ideal” body we will be happier, healthier, and more successful…

A few years ago I believed this lie myself. Hi, I’m Stephanie Waitt and for years I obsessed about my body and I went to a lot of extremes to try to change it. I tried every diet and exercise program, yet I still was not happy with my body and myself. The more unhappy I was with my body, the more I did to try to change it.

The more I obsessed about my body, the more I lost out on. I missed moments with friends and family. I missed adventure and travel. I felt alone because I was unable to truly connect with others. Because I felt my body was not “good enough” I was too afraid to make changes in my love life or my professional life, so I stayed stuck.

Once I was able to move past some mental roadblocks and stop obsessing about my body I was able to:

  • Realize my worth was more than my weight or my body shape.
  • Build more meaningful and supportive relationships.
  • Truly enjoy adventure, travel, and being in the moment.
  • I was able to trust myself and live my life’s passion.

I learned I could love my body just as it was, and this opened up doors in my life for me.

Once I cleared the mental junk and started living my life according to my purpose, values, and could remain present in the moment – not preoccupied with my body, my diet, or my workout – I was able to better accept my body.

And my self-confidence soared!

Now as an Eating Disorder therapist, body image, self-esteem, and eating disorder recovery coach I have helped a lot of women clear the mental junk keeping them from self-acceptance and stuck in self-hate and disordered eating.

You’ve Tried Every Diet Hoping That Changing Your Body Would Bring You Happiness, A Sense of Accomplishment…

  • You have tried every diet, supplement, program, workout coach, and still don’t feel happy with your body.You hoped that once you reached your “ideal” body you would be better accepted.
  • No matter all your efforts you still feel unhappy and uncomfortable in your body. You wake up and see yourself in the mirror and wished you were different. A bad body image day can ruin your whole day.
  • You don’t feel confident. You wish you didn’t feel so anxious and sad all the time, but your body and your weight are a constant reminder that you are not strong enough to be OK.

You hope that changing your body will give you the confidence you need to make more friends, challenge yourself, and you would feel happier – you know you would feel less anxious, stressed, and sad. You are exhausted, but afraid to stop trying.

You don’t have to live this way!


Love Your Body, Love Your Life Beta Program

What is Love Your Body, Love Your Life Beta Program?

  • 6-weeks of weekly group coaching with me where we will dive in and explore the mental roadblocks keeping you from accepting yourself and your body  +
  • 6-weeks of follow up coaching videos because it takes work to really dive in and learn to better accept yourself +
  • Weekly assignments and homework to help you really dig deep and clear the mental junk keeping you stuck in hell +
  • A private Facebook group where you will get 24/7 support from me and other women in the group (This together is more than my individual clients get!)

So you are probably asking, “What Does Love Your Body, Love Your Life Do For Me?”

I am so glad you asked:

In the 6-weeks we are going to cover:

* How to set goals but remain content and focused in the present.

* Get in touch with your purpose and your passion. No more asking “what am I doing here” or “what is the point” because you are going to clarify your Why in these 6 weeks.

* How to practice and improve self-care. You are going to learn how to have time for yourself, how to relax, but also how to set boundaries with others.

* How to improve your social circle so you have loving and supportive relationships. We are going to look at ways to surround yourself with people that inspire and motivate you, not hurt you and criticize you.

* Ways to improve self-compassion and body gratitude so you don’t wake up hating yourself and your body every day. Instead you will learn how to wake up and respect your body and learn how to give yourself and your body what it needs to feel good.

* The tips and support I provide to my clients struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and over-exercise. I am going to literally hand you the tools the help you work toward recovery from an eating disorder.

* How to burst through the 6 mental roadblocks keeping you from feeling more confident and badass. You are going to get to spend hours with me learning how to clear this mental junk so you can feel more confident with yourself and your body.

* and you will leave the 6 weeks with the tools I use with my clients, and myself, to manage anxiety, stress, anger, and depression. You will learn how to master emotional upset so you feel more confident and in control.

I am only opening this up to 6 people, because I want this group to be small enough for change to happen. I want you to feel comfortable with your peers and I want to make sure that I am available to offer you the support you need as we work together.

Apply Today!

F.A.Q.’s: Will Love Your Body, Love Your Life Work For Me?

I am a busy lady with work, school, family, and other commitments. Do I have time to invest in LBLL?

You are going to learn how to make time for yourself and learn to take care of yourself, in a not cocky, asshole, selfish way. I am going to help you see that self-care, and taking the time for self-care, is a matter of setting priorities, evaluating your values, and making a plan. The time commitment is minimal, just 1 hour a week for the group coaching call. There will be homework and activities, but all of that can be done in your own time – and once you clear the first mental roadblock – you will believe you deserve the time it will take to work through Love Your Body, Love Your Life.

I’ve tried everything to feel better about myself, so why is Love Your Body, Love Your Life any different?

This is not a program to change your body. This program is going to help you identify the junk keeping you unhappy about your body, then together you and I are going to set goals, and complete activities to help you start to clear the mental junk. Self-acceptance is a journey and Love Your Body, Love Your Life is a support in that direction.

Is this a group I can trust?

The application process allows me to hand-pick the right group of women. I am looking for women that get it, want to change, but also relate to trying it all and still feeling stuck. I have been leading groups for years and in our group coaching calls and the Facebook group you are going to find a tribe of women that get you and get it. You are going to grow your support system to kick diet-culture, eating disorders, and low self-esteem’s ass!

So this is a beta group, what does that really mean?

I am going to create a program to deliver to others to help people deal with body image, self-esteem, and disordered eating, and I am going to create that program with your help. Each week I will present an issue to the group, then based on our conversation I will create training and self-help videos, activities, and worksheets. I will share all of this with you, but we are going to work out the kinks together. Your feedback is vital in helping me create a program that can change others’ lives.

What if I get stuck?

Well, honestly, who doesn’t? Me, and the other group members, will be here to encourage you and help you set goals to get unstuck. Through this program you are going to be clearing the mental junk keeping you stuck, and this isn’t always easy, however it is totally possible. The goal is to help you get the tools and resources you need to challenge and move through the thinking that keeps you stuck.

What if I don’t have an eating disorder is this program for me?

Possibly. I encourage you to apply. This is a great program for anyone feeling uncomfortable in their body and uncomfortable with self. If you struggle with knowing your worth and your value then this program will help you identify areas and tools to help you trust your worth and your value.

What if I do have an eating disorder?

Then you are in luck, friend. You are going to find a lot of support here. I am going to use my training, experience, and expertise to offer you the tools I use with my clients to help them overcome anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, OSFED, orthorexia, and other types of disordered eating.

How is this different than therapy?

This program is coaching, not therapy. I am not able to provide therapy in this matter, in fact I will not be using my license in this capacity. I am going to offer you coaching and support and give you the information I learned personally and professionally through my training and experiences. Coaching is more goal-oriented. Sure we will touch on and will allow space for emotional expression, but this is not a therapy group. This program is a great addition to current therapy and things you learn in this program can be helpful in your work with a therapist.

Do I need to have a therapist to be in Love Your Body Love Your Life?

No, but it may be helpful. This program is a great supplement to counseling. If you seeking support and tools this will be helpful for you. If you are seeking emotional support and exploration then counseling would be a better fit for you.

Love Your Body Love Your Life sounds great. What is the investment?

The beta course starts the week of June 18th (group coaching call schedule to be determined on group availability). Since this is the first group I am discounting the program at 75%. Right now the program is being offered for $324.75 (once the Beta course is over the price goes up to $1299).

Because I want to make this doable for you there is also a payment option for this beta round. The payment plan is 2 monthly payments of $162.38.

When does the Beta Group for Love Your Body Love Your Life start?

We will have our first group coaching call the week of June 18th (day/time to be determined once group availability is more clear). We will meet on the same day/time for the next 6-weeks. As soon as you register you will be given access to the Facebook group so you can start the support and learning journey right away.

What are we are going to cover in this program?

GREAT question! I’m so excited to share this with you.

Week 1: Group Introductions and Evaluate Your Why

  • Making You A Priority: Realize you are important and that you have values. We are going to explore your purpose and identify you “why”.
  • What Is Standing In Your Way? Explore the mental roadblocks keeping you from feeling more confident and badass. Learn how to make more time for you and the things you find most important.
  • Evaluate Your Values. When you understand what is most important to you, you understand your why, you can start making daily choices that help you live according to your purpose and your passion.

Week 2: Evaluate Your Core Beliefs To A More Balanced Self

  • Becoming Aware: Identify the core beliefs that keep you stuck and feeling insecure and uncertain. Understand how these beliefs affect the way you feel about your body.
  • Collecting Evidence Of You Being A Badass: Learn how to challenge negative and upsetting thoughts about yourself and your body.
  • Your Personality: Identify your strengths and get to know yourself better.
  • Practicing Body Gratitude: Learn tools to practice self-compassion and start to better appreciate and respect your body.

Week 3: Keeping Internal Expectations At Bay

  • Identify Your Ideal Self: Understand how you can have goals and expectations for yourself but you can also be content and happy with the woman you are in the present moment.
  • You Are A Glow-Getter: Set goals and set action to take care of yourself every day to achieve these goals.
  • Seek Pleasure: Self-care is not about relaxing baths, massages, and bath bombs, however we are going to look at how you can take more steps to enjoy yourself.
  • Uniquely You: Look at how the woman you are today is AWESOME, then learn the tools to avoid comparison that keeps you feeling down.
  • Set Goals, Make A Plan: This says it all. We are going to set personal goals and then make a plan to help you get there.
  • Practicing Self-Compassion: You are a VIP and you are going to look at how you can start to treat yourself like one.
  • Silence The Inner Critic: Learn how to challenge negative thoughts about yourself and your body.
  • Throw Away Your Scale: Who you are is so much more important than your weight and in this activity we are going to look at how this is possible.

Week 4: Relationships And Your Self-Worth

  • Evaluate Your Relationships: Look at the relationships that support you, the ones that don’t, and how to set boundaries.
  • Birds Of A Feather: Grow your tribe and see how to use your support for confidence and strength.
  • Ability To Say “No”: It’s super hard to say “no” and set boundaries, let’s see how we help you get better.
  • Build Your Support Network: Reaching out for help seems scary, but you don’t have to suffer and struggle alone.

Week 5: Bursting Social Norms

  • Weight Does Not Equal Health: Learn how Health At Every Size can help you heal your relationship with yourself.
  • F*ck Rules: Abandon body rules and be a rebel that’s confident and knows it!
  • Feed Your Hunger: Here we dive into Intuitive Eating concepts and learn how you can better listen to and nourish your body.
  • Ditch Dieting: Learn the 10 Steps to listen to and care for your body.
  • Learn To Trust Your Body: We are going to explore what health means to you and how you can live a life caring for your body and your needs.

Week 6: Managing Upset Emotions Like A Boss

  • How Do You Cope: Learn your unique ways of coping and how your body has been used as a shield to help you cope.
  • Coping With Emotions: Learn which coping skills you use are helpful and which are harmful.
  • Stop Using Your Body To Cope: Take steps to change your coping and accept your body.
  • Improve Your Coping: I am going to hand you the tools I use to help my clients manage anxiety, depression, anger, and stress.
  • Manage Eating Disorder Behaviors: Learn self-compassion and skills to help you challenge your disordered eating.

If you…

  • Wake up hating the body you see in the mirror
  • Struggle with feeling “not good enough”
  • Believe you have no purpose                                                                                               Texoma Specialty Counseling | Eating Disorder Counselor | Sherman, TX | 888-659-7618
  • Are tired of dieting and the fears of a changing body
  • Feel lonely, lost, overwhelmed, and anxious

But you wish you…

  • Had confidence to take risks
  • Respected yourself and your body
  • Lived with passion and purpose
  • Trusted your body
  • Had more meaningful relationships and moments in life
  • Felt more in control of the negative emotions that plague you

Then I invite you join me so you can…

Love Your Body

And Love Your Life!

Apply Now!!