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Parents, Does Your Teen Lack Self-Esteem and Confidence?

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Check Out What You And Your Teen Will Learn From This E-Book:

Tip #1: Let’s Look At The Evidence

Your teen doesn’t feel confident because they do not believe they are confident. Teach your teen how to believe in their everyday successes.

Tip #2: Your Teen Has Awesomeness Inside

Comparison keeps your teen from having self-esteem and confidence. They can learn to avoid comparisons and embrace their inner awesome!

Tip #3: Your Teen Is a Glow-Getter

Sometimes your teens high expectations for self keep them from having confidence and self-esteem. Your teen can learn to set goals but remain confident with the person they are today!

Tip #4: Your Teens Crew

Your teen gets a lot of their confidence and self-esteem from their friends. It is possible to use their friendships for good!

Tip #5: Teens Just Wanna Have Fun

Pressures of home, school, and extracurricular activities can really cause stress and anxiety, thus robbing your teens self-esteem and confidence. Learn how to help your teen have more fun, relaxation, and down-time and how this can help your teen be more focused and motivated.

Tip #6: Learn To Say “No”

You are worried your teen will be easily mis-lead by their peers. Give your teen the confidence they need to say “no” and watch their confidence soar.

Tip #7: Accept Mistakes

Help your teen learn to celebrate their mistakes, rather than self-loathe.

Tip #8: How To Deal With Emotions

Your teen is grumpy, irritable, short, and unmotivated. Help your teen learn to confidently handle all of life’s emotional upset.

Tip #9: How to Deal With Bullies

Is your teen their hardest critic? Your teen can learn to silence their inner bully and learn how to silence other bullies at school to be more confident and empowered.

What People Are Saying About “I Am Awesome!” E-Book!

Stephanie Waitt’s new book for teens on self-esteem is such a wonderful resource! It’s the kind of book that I wish I had access to growing up, and it’s one that I will definitely recommend to my teen clients. This is a must-read for teens who are struggling with their self-worth, their parents, and allied helping professionals!

Jennifer Rollin, Eating Disorder Specialist, Rockville, Maryland

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