Girls Night Out
For Tweens

Gain Self-Esteem * Support * Success

GNO is an 8 week program designed for your young lady, ages 9-12 years old. The program provides your tween a safe, supportive, and fun environment to explore her dreams, doubts, fears, and hopes with Dr. Stephanie Waitt, LPC.

Groups Benefit Girls

A group experience provides the opportunity to share experiences, seek and give advice, receive support from peers as well as a qualified Licensed Counselor. Groups offers support and provides a positive community for them to belong to.

How Can GNO Help Your Tween?

We use age-appropriate activities and discussions to teach coping skills. These coping skills will help your tween learn to manage her feelings, improve communication, resolve conflict, improve body image, and gain self-esteem.

The life of a young girl is tough. Parents, teachers, mentors, friends, and your tween have high expectations for herself. All of this causes emotional stress, frustration, and irritability.

Here Is What Your Tween Will Learn…

Gain Coping Skills.
She will learn how to better understand her feelings and learn ways to safely accept and cope with these feelings.

Overcome negative thinking patterns.
How her thoughts impact her emotions and behavior. She will learn to recognize thinking that brings her down and learn ways to challenge these negative thoughts.

Gain effective communication skills.
Ways to resolve conflict in a healthy and effective way. She will learn to set boundaries, ask for needs and wants, and do so without aggression and disrespect.

Healthy boundary setting.
How to be assertive and how to keep her peers from taking advantage of her. She will learn how to handle peer pressure and how to maintain healthy friendships.

Build peer relationships.
How to build connections and learn from other girls that she is not alone in how she thinks and feels. She will gain support and advice from girls just like her.

Improve body image.
About the different influences that impact how she feels about her body. She will learn to be confident and happy with her body, but not be arrogant and selfish. Each group will help her learn to love herself and how to refrain from letting unrealistic media and peer expectations influence her.

Gain confidence.
How to love herself, her qualities, her body, and come to value and appreciate her unique place in her community.

Every young girl needs a mentor and a safe place to vent. GNO will equip your tween with skills needed to successfully navigate her youth.

What GNO Participants Have Said

“I learned that I am OK and that I can be OK. I feel proud to be me” ~ GNO participant

“It was awesome to know I was not alone. There were other girls just like me!” ~ GNO participant

“I saw my daughter gain confidence. We fought and argued less. She is more pleasant to be around.” ~ GNO participants mom

Help Your Tween Navigate Their Youth

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Girls Night Out
When, Where, And How Much


Tuesdays (teens) and Thursdays (tweens)
Time: 5:30-6:30
Runs every 10 weeks – sign up at any time to join the next group.


Texoma Specialty Counseling
227 S. Travis St.
Sherman, TX 75090
(888) 659-7618

How Much

$40 per session
Fee is due at the time of each session
Pay for all 8 sessions in advance and receive a 10% Discount

Dr. Steph Wellness Solutions | Eating Disorder Counselor | Sherman, TX | (888) 659-7618 |

Group facilitated by
Dr. Stephanie Waitt, LPC.

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