Diets don’t work.

Sure you will lose weight. You feel great. You are excited. Your friends and family ask what you did to lose weight making you feel proud. Then life happens and you get stressed, worried, overwhelmed, and something bad happens. So you start eating “bad” food. The “bad” food feels GOOD so you keep eating it.

Now you feel ashamed and embarrassed.

You feel like you have done something wrong. You gain weight. Now you feel even more ashamed and embarrassed, so you start another diet. Again you lose weight. But now the cycle has started again.

You yo-yo up and down with your weight.

You lose, you gain, you lose, and then you gain some more. Each time it’s harder to diet, and even harder to lose weight. Now you feel like a bigger failure and loser. You feel like there is something inherently wrong with you that makes it so you can’t stick to a diet. Each time you eat you feel insecure and full of self-doubt. You forget how to simply eat and enjoy food, because now each bite causes uncertainty. Is it right or is it wrong? Will this make me fat? You forget how to take care of your most basic human need, eating.

Imagine discovering your struggle is not because you are a failure but because you are in a dieting rat trap!

Your confusion, frustration, and self-doubt with eating is because diets have convinced you what’s wrong and right about food choices. You feel ashamed because some diet told you were wrong. But that diet does not know YOU. It does not know your body and what it needs. Your body changes every single day, and what it needed today, it may not need tomorrow. You will be OK.

Diets become a way to FORCE your body to look a certain way.

Diets cause you to believe this forced body image is healthy and beneficial to you. However the more you avoid certain foods, the more the body craves them. Your body knows what it needs to best protect you, nurture you, and house your soul. But because of dieting you have learned to shut off your body’s cues.

It is time to start listening to your body.

You can eat food to nourish your body, while listening to what your body wants and needs: eating for health, pleasure, and life.

It’s time to ditch the cycle of dieting and gain control of your body once and for all.

Learn to love your body.

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