1. Why?

    Today I am asking the question “why” and how to use the answer to improve self-care. You have goals. You have aspirations. You wake up every single day with intention, motivation, and a plan. You have things to accomplish, and you have a dream of who you want to be. I am going to ask for your participation today. Don’t worry it is harmless and I hope it will help relax and energize you. Find…Read More

  2. Do You Use Your Body To Cope?

    In this week’s post I talk about ways to tell if you use your body to cope with emotions and what you can do about it. * Life gets really hard. Things don’t go your way. * People hurt you and betray you. * Work sucks. * Your relationship is suffering. * School feels overwhelming. * Adulting never stops and everyday it is the same boring “adult” chores. * You feel stressed, worried, and ove…Read More

  3. What You And Slime Have In Common

    https://youtu.be/Az1zehsh_rs Have you made slime? If not you may be living under a rock. This slime thing is a big deal right now. #gross. #fun, #slime – Sorry I am trying to be like all the cool kids. I digress…I am not calling you slimy, but …   You and slime have some things in common.   Slime is made of some totally random ingredients. Last week in the Teen Girls Night Out Grou…Read More

  4. Know Your Worth.

    Are you Worth it? I saw a Facebook post today that said something about “know your worth” and it really got me thinking. So many of us want so badly to know our worth and to feel confident in that. Yet it is a true struggle for many Why do we have a hard time knowing our worth? Because we tie so many things to our esteem. We let our weight, our body size, our job, our relationships, and our mo…Read More

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    Control Your Emotions Like A Boss

    https://youtu.be/yDbPevCG8k0 We really do not like to feel emotions. Because you are human you go to great efforts to try to avoid negative and hurtful feelings. You work really hard to avoid sadness, anger, stress, and worry. Although coping is a great thing, there are times when feelings get really overwhelming. It is the intense emotions like anxiety, depression, stress, and anger that you try …Read More

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    Are You Kind To Yourself?

    https://youtu.be/JTeVsTVLjUI I recently saw a photo on Facebook that said, “the way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”. This is very true, but it caused me pause and wonder how do we talk to ourselves? The voice you use to talk to you becomes how you see and view yourself. Let me ask you, are you kind to yourself? This voice in your head is often critical and judgmental. You ha…Read More

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    Girl You Are Fabulous!!

    No video today y’all. Why? Because I am away in Las Vegas, Nevada. I wish I was away for fun, but I am here to learn. I am attending the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals Symposium. I am going to complete the courses for Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and attend a lot of trainings and discussions on Eating Disorders. Ok enough about me, let’s talk about you. You …Read More

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    When Should I Ask For Help?

    https://youtu.be/K3xcNVglx4I We like to try to get through things on our own. It is really hard to ask for help, plus there are a lot of societal sources telling you to fix yourself and get over it. There are also a lot of people struggling and hurting, but also struggling with asking for help. So today I am going to make it easy for you. I am going to review some things to consider for when shoul…Read More

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    It’s Hard Being A Teenage Girl

    https://youtu.be/DCFM1XMEbRM It is really hard to be a teenage girls these days. Your young lady faces a lot of challenges from her peers, society, school, and herself. I believe you are a very attentive and supportive parent, but your teen still sees these challenges as a barrier to loving herself. Your child may be doing really well in school. She may be thriving. She may even be popular and soc…Read More

  10. What to do when you have a fat day.

    https://youtu.be/cXTP-ieD3QM   Do you ever have a “fat day” or an “ugly day”? Do you ever have a poor body image day? You may have them occasionally or quite frequently, but when you do have them, you feel awful. Today I am talking about some ways to challenge negative body image thinking. This in no way serves as therapy, nor can this video help you overcome something like trauma or …Read More