Candace Poole LPC Counselor TexasI believe that two of the most important needs in this world are to be understood and to make genuine connections with others. I also believe that the therapeutic relationship can help equip clients with the necessary techniques and tools to get those needs met outside of the counseling office and to truly thrive in their lives. My areas of expertise are in working with women from adolescents to adults and in areas ranging from anxiety, assertiveness training, career guidance, coping skills, eating disorders, life coaching, life transitions (transitioning to a new phase of life), perfectionism, relationship building and discord, self-esteem, and trauma.

My main goal when working with a client is above all to meet them where they are at, creating a safe space for them to explore their life. Throughout their exploration into finding their true and authentic self, they will gain insight into their lives both past and present, what has and hasn’t worked, and use that knowledge to reclaim their thoughts, behaviors, and overall lives to find meaning and personal growth.

My foundational approach is client-centered, which I believe is the key to a successful therapeutic experience, relationship, and outcome. I truly believe every client is unique, therefore my methods vary according to the specific needs of each individual client and situation. I depend on the therapeutic relationship to assess where the client is at, and what I can do to help them. I believe everyone has the capacity for growth and change when given the tools and techniques to do so. Based on the combination of circumstances, my approach may include helping individuals gain insight into how their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs directly or indirectly affect their behavior (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). My priority is to help clients discover the roots to their unhealthy behavior, thoughts, and or actions and then guide through finding healthier solutions for their future. (Solution Focused Therapy).

A client can expect that everything done within the counseling journey has intentionality with the client’s goals directing the focus of the session. My ultimate goal is for the client to walk out of each session with something more than they have previously entered the session with. This could be a range of things such as becoming more aware, discovering a new way to think or cope, feeling empowered, finding meaning, gaining clarity, growing personally, or uncovering a new sense of self.