Today I sit down with couple’s therapist, Brittainy Wagner with Tidemark Therapy.
Brittainy is a business and life coach. She has developed programs and educates couples on how to improve their relationships. She offers courses on Relationship Fusion. You can check that out at She has over 3 years experience working with couples in her private practice. As a Licensed Professional Counselor she works with couples to help them find happiness in their relationships.Brittainy discusses reasons couples come to therapy. She explains that infidelity, communication, and parenting conflicts are the most common reasons couples seek counseling.

She explained that your relationship with your partner is very intimate and that couples want to know 3 things: 1) Am I loved 2) do I matter, and 3) are you hearing what I say. But she explained that past experiences and relationships can impact how you relate with your current partner. People want to avoid hurt so interactions in your present relationship are attempts to avoid feeling hurt or unimportant.

Brittainy explains that a couple does not need to be married to seek counseling and that the sooner a couple gets help the better. She explains that the way you interact in a couple can indicate how you relate to others and her work with couples helps individuals improve how they relate with others!

Brittainy explains what to expect when coming to counseling as a couple.

Brittainy offers a wellness tip to be vulnerable with your partner. Opening up yourself up to your partner allows for growth, love, support, and intimacy.

For more information about Brittainy’s practice check out her website, Feel free to contact her from there.

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