LGBTQIA+ Allies Youth Coping Skills Group: a place to connect with peers and build coping skills

 This 8 week group is designed for youth ages 12+. This group is open to all seeking a safe and affirming place to learn to accept authentically you.
Specifically this group will help youth:
  • build community in a safe, affirming environment
  • increase ability to handle those tough emotions and make room for the more fun feelings.
  • learn all the best ways to reduce stress
  • learn and practice self-acceptance, self-compassion, and leave with empowerment skills.
This group is open and we will accept donations. We want all who need this group to attend, and you may attend for FREE or pay what you can! The suggested price for this group is $25, but please see all the group payment options we have for you when you register. thank you.



learn coping skills, gain support in an affirming space