I hear people say all the time “I don’t want to talk about it”. People struggle to talk about bad events and mistakes they have made. They feel shame. They feel upset and overwhelmed. They want to ignore what happened and just pretend or avoid that ever happened.

The reason we avoid talking about upsetting things is because we feel uncomfortable. Most people want to avoid dealing and thinking about upsetting things because when you think about it you feel bad all over again.

But the things you have been through, the stressors in your life, the mistakes you have made cause you to feel upset. Your upset feelings are normal! Your reaction to what happened is normal. I say to people all the time your reaction is normal for the abnormal situation. Your upsetting feelings are justified!

If you want to stop feeling uncomfortable about things that have happened in your life, consider talking to someone.

  • Therapy is a great way to work through the events in your life that cause you upset. You may worry you will be shamed or judged, but therapists are there to help you. Our job is not judge you or shame you.
  • Therapy helps you learn that your feelings are OK. Your feelings are not wrong. You are not crazy for feeling the way that you do. Stuffing and avoiding feelings makes you feel overwhelmed and can impact how you interact with others. Therapy can help you learn to face these emotions.
  • Therapy can also help you learn how to deal with the upset feelings. You will learn what works for you and what does not work for you. You can learn new ways to deal with emotions.

It is hard to talk about the things that have happened in your life that upset you. Therapy allows you to work through the feelings so you can live happier and healthier. You can learn to deal with feelings. This will give you energy and help you have better interactions with people.

My wellness tip is to consider talking to someone about events, stressors, and situations in your life that make you feel uncomfortable.

I want to hear from you: How do you deal with feelings now? What works for you? Share this below. Perhaps someone can benefit from learning from you.

Feel free to ask any questions. You can contact me.