Do you…
feel stressed and worried? Feel like the world is caving in and the air is suffocating you? Perhaps your body feels tight, tense, and tired? You feel like your brain is full of thoughts and you cannot control the thoughts that are going through your mind. How do I know this? Because if you are like me, or the many clients I work with, you are struggling with anxiety, stress, and trauma.

Your body has a perfect stress response. This stress response gives you energy and allows you to respond. But, like most Americans, you feel stressed, worried, and overwhelmed a lot. Stress, anxiety, and trauma make your body feel tight, tense, and tired. When your body is in this stress state it is hard for the mind to relax.

What your body feels, your brain thinks.

If your body feels tight, tense, and tired it sends a message to the brain something is wrong. The brain starts looking for information to support the belief that something is wrong.
You cannot think positively, when your body is stressed. But guess what? There are some things you can do.

You can work in counseling to challenge negative and upsetting thoughts. Don’t have a counselor? There is still something you can do! You can help your body relax. Relaxing the body tells the brain you are OK. When the brain is OK it is easier to remember all your blessings, recall your strengths, and remember what you are doing well.

So are you ready to never feel stressed again? Get comfortable, get away from distraction and listen to this relaxation activity. I guide you through a relaxation exercise to relax the body and calm the mind.

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