It is not easy to ask for help. Perhaps you are not sure how to help yourself or someone you love.  Maybe this site can help you. Here are the Frequently Asked Questions.

I am a compassionate psychotherapist that offers direct solutions and gentle confrontation to help individuals improve mood and behavior.  I believe that therapy is a collaborative process. You are the expert on you! I offer individuals’ years of experience and knowledge and help people challenge thinking and behavior and improve mood.

I believe that thinking causes feelings and behaviors are a reaction to those thoughts and feelings.  I will work with you to change unhelpful and negative thinking in order to improve your mood and behaviors.  This technique is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  I understand this may not work for everyone.  Don’t’ worry! I am trained and experienced using various therapeutic methods to meet your individual needs.

Therapy can be uncomfortable at times as thoughts, feelings, secrets, and past experiences are explored.  Although therapy can be uncomfortable, I will provide support and work with you to develop solutions to improve happiness and restore peace.

I may occasionally assign tasks or homework to complete between sessions.  This is to practice skills discussed in session.  Although these tasks are not necessary for continuing therapy they are very helpful for assessing progress towards goals.

It is difficult to place a time frame on therapy because each individual is different.  However after 6-8 sessions you will have some solutions for improved mood.  The first 3-4 sessions are considered as “getting to know you” and are needed to build a therapeutic and trusting relationship with you.  After 3-4 sessions I will have developed an individualized treatment plan.  Your input is vital to develop treatment goals.  Each ongoing session will evaluate progress toward goals.

Weekly sessions are recommended to develop goals and to establish a trusting and therapeutic relationship.  Frequency will change over time and will be modified to address your needs.


The initial session is considered a consult.  During this time necessary forms will be completed and discussed.  I will complete an assessment to identify problems, concerns, strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

The initial session will last 55-60 minutes.  It is important to either complete forms before the initial session or arrive early to complete forms.

Initial forms can be found and downloaded by clicking “Forms” above.


Weekly sessions are recommended to develop treatment goals and assess progress toward goals.  Ongoing sessions are 50-55 minutes.


A parent or guardian must consent to services.  It is recommended a parent/guardian attend the initial session.  I will spend most of the time with you (the parent/guardian) discussing concerns, issues, and goals during the initial session.  For children under age 12, please have another adult available to sit with the minor while you complete the initial intake assessment.  Children age 13 and over can choose to participate in the initial intake assessment or not.  I will spend close to 30 minutes with you (the parent/guardian) during the initial session.

I work very closely with parents and guardians of minor children.  For children under age 12, I will spend 10-15 minutes discussing concerns and issues during each session.  I will meet with parents/guardians every 4-6 weeks for older children.

Children under age 12 should have another individual available to sit with the minor while I am visiting with you.  Parents should wait in the waiting area while their child is in session.

Play therapy (age 12 or younger) will last 45 minutes with time to speak with parents before or after each session.  Sessions with children age 13 older will last 45-55 minutes.

To learn more about play therapy click this link.

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