Happy Fall! It is a time of fun, festivities, and cheer. Things seem to get busy during the holidays so I am starting a video series to get us through the holiday time. Although the holidays are fun it can also be a stress and sad time for many.

Today I want to talk about hope. How can you find hope when things seem hopeless?

This recent election seemed to spark a lot concern, fear, and upsets. This elected divided the people, leaving many feeling hopeless and frustrated. It is possible to find hope even when our thoughts and beliefs are challenged.

You have the right to your opinion. Your opinion, values, and beliefs matter. Hope comes from you. Hope comes from your beliefs and your thoughts about the future.

If you do not feel very hopeful about your situation it is possible to find hope.

Remember your values and what is important to you.

You make a difference.

You are human. We all have the same feelings despite our different perspectives.

You can make a difference in your life.

You can choose to feel happy.

You can choose to feel sad.

You can choose to feel mad.

There is hope in owning and choosing to feel your feelings.

You control the thoughts in your mind.

My wellness tip for hope is to look inside. Go out and in the moment and do something that will make you feel happy, make you smile, make someone else smile. In the moment you can do something fun, you can do something nice, you can choose to make the moment good or bad.

I would love to hear from you. What gives you hope? What are you hopeful for today? Let’s spread hope for others who may have lost theirs.