Embody Love And Love Your Body

| Embody Love And Love Your Body

Embody Love And Love Your Body

Last week I got to attend and be a part of Reel Love. Reel Love was an event hosted by Embody Love Movement. They previewed a documentary on the media and how it can influence negative perceptions of self and your body. The documentary is called The Illusionist. Watch the video for more.

For more on Embody Love visit: embodylovemovement.org. For more on The Illusionist, visit: http://theillusionists.org.

Still not sure if you have an eating disorder? Here is a self-assessment, https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/screening-tool. This quick tool is to help you determine if you have an eating disorder and if you should get help. Visit NationalEatingdisorder.org to find help and get more information.

If you find this information helpful please share. This is a very complex issue that cannot be addressed in a 5 minute video, but feel free to ask questions and comment. Perhaps there is something I can help clarify for you.

Do you feel you struggle with an eating disorder? Call Dr. Stephanie and see how you can overcome the cycle.

  • Stephanie Waitt, LPC is a psychotherapist in private practice in Sherman, Texas. Stephanie works with young and successful women to help restore balance and peace. She specializes in working with individuals with eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, and depression.
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