Do you think you have an eating disorder? Do you obsess over food? Do you hate your body? Does someone you love have an eating disorder?

There are situations that occur in life that cause a great deal of emotional distress. This causes you to feel out of control. Feeling out of control is a frustrating and lonely place to be. You want to regain your power and control, but may feel confused on how to do this.

It is also possible that you struggle with self-love and self-respect. This situation that occurred in your life is causing you to doubt yourself and question your body, your mind, and your emotions. You want to love yourself but you see images of others around you and believe you are not good enough.

You believe your body needs to look different in order to have happiness. You begin to desire and pursue a particular body type. You realize if you cannot control the things around you, you can at least control the food that goes in your mouth. You believe to achieve a certain body type you feel happier and more successful.

Soon you become consumed with food, what you eat, when you eat it, and how you eat it. You constantly obsess over your body, what it looks like and how it feels. You do not like your body so you continue to worry about the food you eat.

There are different types of eating disorders, but all of them include a relationship with food that is out of control. You can learn to control your eating, you can learn to love your body, you can feel in control of your life and your body, and you can feel happy and healthy. Counseling can help you.

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