Do you analyze your To-Do List when you lay down to sleep at night?
Do you wonder how you are going to get it all done?
Does your body feel tight, tense, and tired?
Are people often telling you to relax and calm down?

No matter how hard you try you cannot relax. You try to stop the overwhelming and fast thoughts in your mind. When you cannot stop them, you worry you are crazy!

You are not alone.

Millions of women suffer from anxiety, stress, and worry.

Women struggle with stress and anxiety because we want to be the best mom, best wife, best employee, best friend, best volunteer, or the best student. I can relate to this because as women we give so much of ourselves to others. You love taking care of your loved ones, but stress and anxiety cause the joy you feel taking care of others and turns it into stress and worry.

There is hope because you can stop the worry, You can learn to feel relaxed. If you want to live stress free, anxiety free, feel relaxed and confident then Mindfulness Minute Group for Women may be for you.
During this 1 hour group session you will learn:

  • How anxiety impacts your thinking
  • Gain support and feedback from others that struggle with anxiety and worry
  • Be guided through relaxation and mindfulness exercises
  • To relax your mind and challenge negative and anxious thoughts
  • How anxiety impacts your health and your body
  • Relaxation techniques to relax your body
  • How anxiety contributes to low self-esteem and gain tools for building confidence
  • To accomplish your goals and your to-do list without stress and worry
  • Start Living a Well and Relaxed Life and Call us TODAY to get started.