Happy Thanksgiving. Well for some it is. For others this time of the year is not very joyful. This time of the year can cause people pain and hurt. Today I am giving you a few tips to find thankfulness even if you feel like there is not a lot to be thankful for.

You are probably seeing a lot of people post and comment on what they are thankful for. This is a wonderful time of the year to reflect on that. This may also be a time of year that causes you to feel sadness, anger, and grief. You may be reminded of hurt. You may be sad because you missed a loved one. You may be depressed and only wanting to stay in bed. My first tip is to accept and acknowledge those feelings.
* it is ok if you do. It feel happy, positive, or thankful. Admit to yourself that things suck right now and that it is totally ok to feel the way you do.

* My next tip is to acknowledge the thing that is making you feel like crap. Admit it that you are grieving. Admit you would rather stay in bed all day then spend time with family. Acknowledge what is wrong.

* I call this the low. What is not ok? Own it. It is your truth and your truth is ok.

* Now find and acknowledge what is good about today. This can be hard but find one thing that went according to plan. Keep it simple. If you got out of bed today despite wanting to stay there all day, Good for you. That is an accomplishment. If you went to work even though everything inside you told you not, that is an accomplishment. Stayed in bed all day? Good for you, you honored your body and your mind and took care of your self. That is your high.

* Focus on today only. Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. We can deal with tomorrow, tomorrow. Just find your high and your low for today.

It is not easy feeling the way you do. You may have been hurt. You are suffering. It can be so irritating to hear people say, ‘think of three positive things for every negative thought”. If you tried that and failed it is because you cannot come up with three positive things right now. These four tips keep it simple so you can avoid that feeling of lying to yourself or faking it. Your truth is your truth and that is OK. When you are ready there is help. Someone is ready to support you and journey with you in that pain. Contact me if you want to know more about getting help, whenever you are ready.

Hope you are well, take care, Happy Thanksgiving, and “see” you next time.