Personally I struggle with finding balance. I work with clients struggling to find balance, Why? Because we are obsessed with being healthy. We have become so focused on a certain weight, or diet, or physical activity that we begin to place our value on achieving these goals.

Let me start by saying that physical health goals are great! I work with people to find physical health and wellness. The problem is that we become consumed with eating, or not eating, certain foods, or lifting a certain amount, or running a certain speed, or being a certain weight. This is sometimes how eating disorders get started. You have a physical health goal in mind and soon this goal becomes an obsession.

Goals are also great! Goals give you a plan. Goals help you measure success.

Goals do not give you value! So often the obsession with physical health goals causes you to become stuck placing your value on whether or not you can achieve the goal. You may think, “If I eat this way (insert diet, food, or meal plan) then that means I was a good person today” or “because I met my goal weight I am a good person”. The problem is these activities do not make you feel like a good person.

Your value is with you, your qualities, and your behaviors, not your physical health goals.

So I told you I was going to tell you how to achieve balance in a health obsessed world, right….well here is my wellness tip.

Write down 5-10 things that are good about you. What makes you a good friend? How did you help someone today? What makes you a good person?

These qualities are what make you valuable and worthy. Sure you can achieve goals, so add that to your list, but there are many other wonderful things about you too. When you feel stuck and like you cannot budge from your physical qualities and goals, remember these other qualities. Remember all you contribute to the world. Then go out and live a well day!

Let me ask you, how do you find balance? When you look at all your goals and all your roles how do you manage it all? What works? Share here! Maybe you can help someone find a little bit of balance today.

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