For so many years I tortured my body by working out. Working out for me was an obsession. Working out became about doing better every single time. I had to run harder and faster. I had to lift more. I had to burn more calories. Every. Single. Time.

For so many eating disorders start in this way. They start because of a desire to lose weight. But why lose weight?

There is external pressure to lose weight. Society is telling you to be thin. People are telling you to be thin. But dieting and losing weight is not always what is best for your body. It is not always what is best for your soul.

Rather than re-invent the wheel this week I am sharing a post from a colleague on the effects of exercised on eating disorders. Exercise is not always bad, in fact it is good, but for some the obsession leads to depression, anxiety, and unhappiness.

Check out “No Pain, No Gain”.