Eating Disorders Are A Family Issue

| Eating Disorders Are A Family Issue

Eating Disorders Are A Family Issue

When your loved one has an eating disorder, you must also deal with an eating disorder.

So many of my clients family members feel lost, overwhelmed, scared, confused, and angry.

It is scary because you don’t know what to say or do. You see your loved one struggling so much and you just want to help. You do help.

You are strong because you keep fighting for them.

I shared last week how this time of the year is challenging for people with eating disorders.

This week on the Texoma Specialty Counseling Facebook Page I am sharing how you can support someone with an eating disorder. If you don’t like the page, head on over and LIKE Texoma Specialty Counseling.

Here is a great article from The National Eating Disorder Association on how to support a loved one with an eating disorder.

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