It is Eating Disorder Awareness Week. This is a week suggested by National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) to educate and bring awareness to eating disorders.

Eating Disorders are not just a phase. They are serious and complex illnesses.

After working with hundreds of young women I have found 6 mental roadblocks keep us ladies from being able to feel good enough and accepting ourselves better. I dive into the roadblocks and offer you a tool to BURST through those roadblocks at: https://stephanie-waitt.clickfunnels….

One of the roadblocks is our cultural beauty standards and that “thinness” is ideal. There is pressure to diet. What is a diet? Anything with rules.

What does this have to do with eating disorders? Well of the millions of Americans that are dieting at any given time, 30-35% will develop dangerous eating disorder behaviors.

Let’s stop talking about diets, because your body size and shape does not matter. What matters IS the person that you are and the good things that you do.

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