It is really hard to be a teenage girls these days. Your young lady faces a lot of challenges from her peers, society, school, and herself. I believe you are a very attentive and supportive parent, but your teen still sees these challenges as a barrier to loving herself.

Your child may be doing really well in school.
She may be thriving. She may even be popular and sociable. She still sees peers every single day that in her mind, are better than she is. This constant comparison and her high expectations wear on her self esteem.

Your teen may be struggling to love and accept herself.
This looks like mood swings, high stress and worry, and isolation. Does your teenage girl want to spend time alone? Does she get easily frustrated and overwhelmed? Do you see your teenage girl trying hard to be perfect?

Expectations, stress, and teenage hormones impact how she sees herself. High expectations and perfectionism get turned into not feeling “good enough” and “failures”. Pressures to maintain this image overwhelms teenagers. They may lose sleep. They miss moments of joy and happiness because they are too consumed with thoughts in their mind.

Your teenage girl is angry and argumentative. Or she is sad and spends a lot of time alone in her room.

Pressures from self, home, school, and peers frustrate your child.
Your child is seeking to find herself and wants to be unique, however the fear of being different keeps her seeking the status quo. You see your child angry, yelling, and resistant. She wants to badly to be an individual and have a voice, but she cannot find the right way to express these feelings.

There are a lot of sources telling your teen how she should look and behave.
These sources are not always a positive influence. I see so many girls that tell me they are “fat”. I see girls as young as young as 9 tell me they are dieting. Girls yearn for a “thigh gap” and “6 pack abs”. Your young lady is dealing with a lot of pressure to look perfect, and because this is unattainable, your young lady believes she is “ugly”, “fat”, “stupid”, and “gross”.

Your child may be suffering in silence. How your teen feels about herself will influence her behaviors.
What if there was a safe place for your teenage girl to learn how to love her body, love her qualities, and build positive peer relationships? If there was a place for your teen to learn to safely express her feelings, improve her communication, and gain confidence would you be interested?

Of course you would, because these are things you want for your daughter.
Girls Night Out is this safe place. GNO is an 8 week program designed for your young lady. The program provides your girl with a safe, supportive, and fun environment to explore her dreams, doubts, fears, and hope.

Why GNO?
Group provides an opportunity for your young lady to share experiences, seek and give advice, and receive support from peers as well as a qualified Licensed Counselor. The program uses age-appropriate activities and discussions that will help your teen:

* Improve coping skills
* Gain confidence
* Overcome negative thinking patterns
* Gain effective communication skills
* Learn how to set healthy boundaries
* Build positive peer relationships
* Improve body image and self-esteem

If your loved young lady is between the ages of 9-17 then this group is for her!