Are you Worth it?

I saw a Facebook post today that said something about “know your worth” and it really got me thinking. So many of us want so badly to know our worth and to feel confident in that. Yet it is a true struggle for many

Why do we have a hard time knowing our worth?

Because we tie so many things to our esteem. We let our weight, our body size, our job, our relationships, and our money tell us how good or bad we are. We think “oh I’m overweight so I’m a failure”. Or “I’m single I must not be worthy of love”.

You have goals for yourself. Hell I have goals for my self. Goals are awesome but it is easy to have goals become a distraction of our self worth. Why? You think when I get “there (achieve the goal) then I will be a better person. I will be a happier person. It’s as if attaining this thing will magically change your life. When you arrive your all like my life is now suddenly wonderful. Oh suddenly I have rainbows and sunshine. I am now a good person. I am now arrived. I can now start living my life.

That’s some junky effed up thinking right there.

Because guess what you reach your goal. You have that arrived moment and then you wake up and you are still you. You have the same thinking. You have the same feelings. Bad shit still happens. Good shit still happens. People are the same. The way you respond to thinking, feelings, and people are the same.

God I used to have this belief of what I looked like when I achieved my goals. I guess I had this idea I would be all smart and sophisticated. Each goal I thought would get to this place of “ahhhhh!” I would be glamorous and witty. I’d be a damn Corona commercial. But with each goal I’m still this silly, nerdy, shy but overly outgoing, awkward person. My flaws didn’t go away. My anxiety didn’t change. My desires and my expectations for others didn’t change. I’m still just me.

I think that is what knowing your worth is.

Knowing your worth means knowing who you are right now is who you are.

Damn I should be a philosopher. Who you are has good stuff, who you are has some weaknesses, who you are has some spectacular things but also so ho-hum things. Your worth is spectacular right now. Achieving something isn’t going to change your core or your person. Achieving something is just a check off the to-do list. Keep striving and pushing but settle into who you are today. Spend time with her (today’s self) and get to know her. You will like what you see.