Today I am asking the question “why” and how to use the answer to improve self-care.

You have goals.

You have aspirations.

You wake up every single day with intention, motivation, and a plan.

You have things to accomplish, and you have a dream of who you want to be.

I am going to ask for your participation today. Don’t worry it is harmless and I hope it will help relax and energize you.

Find a comfortable spot and sit back, placing both feet on the floor. Take a deep breath in, using your nose, and breathe out using your mouth. Do that 2 more times, and as you do close your eyes. Think about a time you were really, truly happy. Go back as far as you need to. Envision where you are, what are you doing, and who is with you? Do this for just a moment.

Jot down this moment. We are going to come back to it.

Now do the very same thing but this time think about the type of woman you will be in 3 years. Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? Jot this down.

Look at what these two moments have in common.

What is the common feeling? How do you feel? How do you feel about yourself in both moments?

This is the reason you wake up every day with purpose and passion. This is your WHY! This “why: is what inspires you and motivates you.

It is easy to lose sight of this why when things get really hard and tough. That is why I wanted you to write it down. Go back to this when you feel hopeless and overwhelmed.

But let’s look at how this why can be used to improve self-love and self-esteem today.

This why drives your behavior.

What things can you do today that support this why? Not every day will be exciting and full of goal-setting and achieving. The moments where you reach a goal are fewer. However you can take steps each day to support this mission.

Make time everyday to evaluate your day and your to-do list. Then at the end of the day set aside 10 minutes to review your day. What did you accomplish? What can be done tomorrow or later in the week?

Your why is your focus for getting out of bed every day and doing work. Life can get dull, routine, and hard, but you have a reason. When things get hard remember this why and that it is very, very important. This why is not selfish or narcissistic, and making this a priority will allow you to evaluate what activities and what people require your attention. If someone, or something comes along, that doesn’t support this “why” you can say, “Bye Felicia!”

Use this “why” to encourage and motivate you. Use it to help you make decisions and choose people that support this “why”. Now take care of you, you get to make choices today that also support this mission. Keep it close and as you go through the day know you are doing things that will make this mission and why possible.

If you need help improving self-esteem and self-care, give Texoma Specialty Counseling a call. See how we can help you find your confidence and happiness!