This is the final blog in the series of Why Does Therapy Cost So Much. We set our fee for a reason. Even if you think that you cannot therapy, there are still options to get you the quality help you deserve.

Let’s say you have insurance but cannot afford to pay the co-pay or the fee.

There are times we can offer to see you at a sliding scale, however these openings are limited and not always available . Feel free to contact our office to ask. If there is a sliding scale option we will ask for information to verify your financial situation. A sliding scale is available to help people that are in need of services and have a low income..

You may be thinking after all of this -you still cannot afford counseling.

Let’s say you do not qualify for sliding scale, or there are no sliding scale appointments available, but you believe I may be the right therapist for you. You want help. Guess what? There is still hope!

We offer group services. Group is a very affordable way to get weekly support. I will be there to offer feedback, support, solutions, and options. You also get to enjoy the benefits of peer support. You will join other people experiencing similar issues, worries, and stressors in a group setting. This helps you learn A) you are not alone, B) others relate to you, and C) you can get support and feedback from people that feel very much like you do.

We offer group services all the time. Groups are available right now. If you do not see a group being offered that may benefit you, please inquire. Perhaps something is starting soon that can really help you! For more on what groups are currently being offered click here.

The bottom line is that you deserve help. You deserve to be happy and have confidence and success. If there is not a way to cut other costs to ensure your counseling is a priority or you simply cannot afford counseling, do not worry. Our community offers a lot of solutions. There are providers in the area who accept most insurances. There are non-profit agencies in the area which offer more sliding scale availability. If this is something you need assistance with give us a call and we can offer referrals.

We understand we are not the right therapists for everyone, and that is OK. You deserve to see someone that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to feel you are getting the help you deserve. You deserve to get help, even if you feel you cannot afford it. As you can see you are worth the investment. You deserve to suffer no longer. Good, quality help is available. Possibly cutting some other expenses can help you get the good, quality help that you need and deserve. We offer affordable options and solutions so that you can get the help that you need. Help is out there, and if we are not the right fit for you we will help you find the right therapist for you.

Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you.