Resolve To Not Resolve in 2018

| Resolve To Not Resolve in 2018

Resolve To Not Resolve in 2018

Welcome to the time of the year when you are going to be bombarded with diet and weight loss resolutions and programs. When I was a fitness professional I would joke this time of the year would be super busy for me because of all the resolutions to “lose weight”, “diet”, or “change lifestyle”. Yet I also knew that come March or April the gym would not be so busy anymore. WHY? Because weight loss does not work, not in the long run anyway.

You resolve to diet, lose weight, or change your lifestyle results in a lot of restriction and that is not maintainable. So then you end up feeling bad about yourself because you “failed” at your diet. This year, rather then resolve to make a change about yourself, how about you resolve to learn to love, accept, and appreciate yourself just as you are today.

And in case you need any help, here are a bunch of FREE resources to help you tap into your inner fabulousness! Cheers to 2018 – may you love yourself a little more this year!


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