I hesitated to write this post today. Trauma is a real thing that millions have experienced. Trauma comes in many forms and in many situations. I have worked with hundreds of traumatized individuals. So why did I struggle to write this post? I struggled with the realization that millions of Americans are currently living with trauma. Trauma comes in many different forms and situations and the more I work with the people the more I am seeing that events in our lives can shape our present moment and, ultimately, our futures.

Trauma is frightening and it causes individuals to feel their life is in danger. The shock and upset of trauma will shape how you see yourself, others, and the world. These thoughts will determine how you feel and how you cope with your circumstances.

Trauma can rock your world. Trauma can have significant symptoms that impact how you relate to others on a daily basis. Trauma can be overcome!

Let me first say this, I cannot change what happened to you. I cannot make you forget. I cannot make it Ok. The traumatic event was not OK, it was something was horrible, scary, and wrong. It is OK to have an emotional reaction to trauma. Your reaction is a normal response to an abnormal situation. Despite your right to feel upset about what happened I do believe you can learn to find your power and your control and find peace, balance, and happiness in your life. You can learn to not let the traumatic event rule your life and your daily interactions.

If you want to heal from a traumatic event keep reading. If you want to help a person heal from trauma, keep reading. If you just want to know how you can feel better about yourself keep reading.

Practice daily positive affirmations. The events in your life, including a traumatic experience, will shape how you think. Daily affirmations help keep your mind focused on the positive. It may sound cheesy but what you think, you will feel. Try it! Think about something good. Think about what you did right today. Think about how you have been successful. I understand this may be difficult for you. But doesn’t it feel better to think better? If you struggle to find good thoughts daily affirmations will help you shift your thinking to a more positive and helpful place. Try saying these aloud to yourself every day (even if you don’t believe it, say it – over time you will believe this if you continue to think it):

o I am a good person.
o I have people that love me and want to protect me.
o All of my feelings are OK.
o I care about myself.
o I believe I can feel better.
o I am a special person.

The trauma, or other upsetting events in your life, may cause you to feel depressed, angry, anxious, and numb. It can cause you to have negative thoughts about your self and cause you to distrust others. These daily affirmations can help shift the focus of your thinking. Change your thinking, change your mood, and change your interactions.

Daily affirmations are a piece of emotional and mental wellness. Practicing different types of wellness practices daily will improve wellness in all areas of life. Sign up for our free weekly newsletter and get a Wellness Checklist for FREE.

*Healing from trauma can seem hard. That is OK! I can help! If you or someone you love is dealing with trauma, give me a call to schedule a free phone consultation. Let’s discuss how I may be able to help you.