1. #TimesUp

    Today’s blog is a guest post by Pamela Smith. Pam is a therapist at Texoma Specialty Counseling that specializes in trauma and substance use. Today she writes about the powerful #TimesUp and #MeToo Movements. Read her thoughts below. Reading the tweets and articles on the #TimesUp movement is a bittersweet moment for me. I applaud those brave enough to stand up and fight the good fight against s…Read More

  2. An Eating Disorder Therapists Tips For Managing A Purge

    As an Eating Disorder Therapist in Sherman, TX I give clients tips for how to manage the urge to purge. In my private practice I see clients struggling with Bulimia. Bulimia is a type of eating disorder associated with episodes of bingeing and purging. Purging is a compensatory behavior to rid the body of calories consumed. Purging comes in many different forms. Below I give some tips for how to m…Read More

  3. Overcome Negative Eating Disorder and Body Image Thoughts With This Simple Visualization

    If you have an eating disorder and negative body image you not only feel negatively about yourself, but you really struggle to manage negative emotions and thoughts. Below I share a visualization to practice to help you learn to better manage negative thoughts and emotions. One reason it seems hard to deal with negative emotions is because you are human, and because you are human you hate having t…Read More

  4. Resolve To Not Resolve in 2018

    Welcome to the time of the year when you are going to be bombarded with diet and weight loss resolutions and programs. When I was a fitness professional I would joke this time of the year would be super busy for me because of all the resolutions to “lose weight”, “diet”, or “change lifestyle”. Yet I also knew that come March or April the gym would not be so busy anymore. WHY? Because w…Read More

  5. Positive Affirmations – These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Positive Affirmations (one of my favorite things) are a great way to challenge upsetting and overwhelming negative thoughts. You are accustomed to automatically thinking negative and upsetting things about yourself. Positive affirmations help shift thinking so that you feel more empowered and in control of your mind. For more on how to accept yourself and your body, look here. The idea is to pract…Read More

  6. Your Eating Disorder Holiday Survival Guide

    This time of the year is so hard for someone with an eating disorder. There is food everywhere. There is talk of dieting everywhere. It is hard to catch a break. Like so many of my clients the holiday season can be stressful and overwhelming. But there is hope. You can get through the season and not let your eating disorder get the best of you.   For more on how to survive the holidays when y…Read More

  7. Love Yourself Better

    Self-love is totally possible. I know it sounds cliche but I believe it possible to love yourself. I also believe it OK to feel like a badass. You see, I don’t want you to be a cocky butthole, but I do want you to know your purpose. I want you to see what gives you passion and excitement. I want you to learn your strengths and weaknesses. I want you to own both and know where you will flourish a…Read More

  8. Improve Your Body Image With These 5 Simple Steps

    So you got through Thanksgiving!? Good for you! It was not easy. As much as you want the holiday to be exciting and wonderful, for a lot of people the holidays are very stressful. If you are like my clients and the individuals I work with you are not looking forward to the holidays because of family issues, food issues, and body issues. Thanksgiving has come and gone, but it is possible you starte…Read More

  9. Addiction and Physical Activity

    This weeks post comes from a colleague, Constance Ray. Constance specializes in treating individuals with addiction. You can learn more about Constance Ray and her practice, Recovery Well, here. How Physical Fitness Can Aid Your Recovery It’s no surprise that exercise is good for you, so it only makes sense that it would be beneficial in addiction recovery as well. According to the Mayo Clinic,…Read More