Your mind keeps you up at night!

You probably feel exhausted and cannot sleep because thoughts fill your mind at night. You try to will yourself to “stop” and to empty your mind but the thoughts keep coming. You lie in bed and analyze your to-do list and worry how you will get everything done. The thoughts and anxiety may tell you “you did not do enough today” and you feel worried and were not your best. The feel “you are not good enough”.

You feel like you cannot breathe…

Because it feels like the air is suffocating you. Your body is tight, tense, and tired. No matter how hard you try you cannot relax. You feel your heart beat fast and your have a hard time concentrating because your head aches. You feel frustrated and because people tell you, “you are overreacting” or “just relax and calm down”, but you cannot relax.

You worry you are crazy!

You try to stop the overwhelming and fast thoughts in your mind. Because the thoughts do not stop, you convince yourself you are crazy and tell your mind to “shut up”. You battle with your mind to stop the anxious and worrisome thoughts. Deep breathing, relaxation, and self-care may work for the moment, but the anxiety and worry always comes back.

You feel this way because you may be struggling with anxiety.

Anxiety causes you to feel a constant state of panic and worry. It causes you to feel worried. You fear if you do not do all the things on your mind that you, your family, your job, or your relationships will be devastated. You possibly feel stressed and overwhelmed because you are constantly juggling tasks and you fear that dropping the ball will cause everything to fall apart.

You are not alone.

Millions of Americans struggle with anxiety. Specifically a lot of women struggle with anxiety because we want to be the best mom, best wife, best employee, best friend, best volunteer, or the best student. I can relate to this because as women we give so much of ourselves to others. You love taking care of those you love, but anxiety causes the joy you feel taking care of others to turn to stress and worry. Anxiety is a very common illness and it causes distressing and irrational thoughts to fill your mind. These thoughts cause you to believe something terrible will happen and cause you to feel both worry and stress. Anxiety causes you to fear something dangerous or terrible will happen.

There is hope because you can learn to calm your mind and calm your body.

You can learn to feel relaxed. If you are like me, or the many people I have worked with, you can learn to challenge the thinking that causes you to feel so anxious and overwhelmed. You can learn to think more freely and have peace in your mind and your body. I have seen people reduce stress and anxiety, and live a life of peace and confidence.

If you want to live stress free, anxiety free, feel relaxed and confident then Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction may be for you. I work with clients to find relaxation. We work to develop daily habits that bring peace and calm – to calm anxious and worrisome thinking.

I specialize in working with women who struggle with anxiety, and the thoughts and feelings along with it, to learn ways that will challenge their thinking and calm their mind. I have been helping clients improve anxiety with Cognitive behavioral and mindfulness based techniques for over 10 years and together we will work on strategies to help you gain control of your mind and your thinking. You can learn to think positively and be confident about the choices you make. I believe that using mindfulness based practices and cognitive behavioral strategies can help reduce anxiety, help you sleep better, feel better, and help you feel more in control of your mind and your life.

I know you are busy and you strive to be the best version of you and I believe in offering people real life techniques and solutions they can use. Although it is important to look back and identify causes for anxious thinking, it is also beneficial for you to leave my office with encouragement and support to change.

If you are ready to stop the worry and feel relaxed and confident, give me a call.