Accessible mental health care is our mission. We believe everyone deserves effective and quality mental health care and support.

We believe that mental health affects everyone and everyone can benefit from the support and skills and tools that counseling can provide. In order to make counseling more accessible we offer a variety of options to support your lifestyle.

If you cannot afford your assigned therapists established fee, please discuss our accessible care services. We are an Out of Network provider – this means we do not accept insurance – and our accessible services allows us to make counseling affordable.

We currently have FREE or sliding scale counseling services available. Our student and counseling interns have all the education and even the skills to best support you. They are new to the field and closely supervised by Dr. Stephanie Waitt, LPC-S, CEDS.

Dr. Steph has over 15 years experience in the mental health field and remembers the challenges that young and new therapists in the field are presented with. In order to help more people get help and help new and young professionals in the field, Texoma Specialty Counseling is a certified training and practicum site.

This means we can offer free, low cost services to those who need it, and allow our student interns to gain essential experience in the field. You can be assured you are receiving top treatment and care, as students and interns meet frequently with Dr. Steph to review cases and ensure the best treatment and care is being provided.

We also do believe in our work and our student interns and new counselors have low fees (starting at $35) and we will explore a fee that is best for your lifestyle. If you wish to use your insurance, our interns may be able to offer to see you for the cost of your insurance co-pay. If you do not have insurance or you cannot afford the assigned therapists fee, we can offer you a low fee counseling session and reserve FREE spots for those in need.

We will explore all our options and services with you during an intake session with one of our counseling interns ($75). (include images of what to expect during an intake). (include button to download menu of services)

Please download our menu of services to learn more about all the accessible services we have to offer. We will explore and discuss these options with you more during the first intake session. Learn more about each of our badass student and counseling interns below.

Maddie Vidican
Maddie Vidican
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Jamie Campos
Jamie Campos